The Kahala Resort

Since opening in 1964, this 288-room iconic oceanfront property, nestled between the private Waialae golf course and Pacific Ocean, has welcomed guests from around the world. Fun fact: the hotel opened as the Waialae Hotel, but it turned out the word “Waialae” was too hard to say, so the owners changed it to the much easier to pronounce ‘Kahala” … and it seems to have worked since the hotel has thrived for the past five decades. Big and little things happen here. Big as in every president has stayed at the property since Lyndon B. Johnson, Sir Elton John visits so often he has a favorite suite and many world leaders have stayed here (they love the privacy compared to Waikiki).  And little in that there was the birth of Hoku, a baby dolphin in 1991 as part of the property’s famous dolphin program in the onsite lagoon. In brief, this six-acre resort is a one-of-a-kind property, the reach for the sky optimism of the mid-century architecture is contagious and you’ll probably be sharing the beach with a  “Oh, wait, isn’t that … ”  type of person. To make reservations click here (to our Priceline affiliate account) or email