Lanai Four Seasons Resort: Breakfast Buffet

I hesitate to say ‘best’ because there are at least a dozen other really, really good breakfast buffets I can think of on all of the islands, but this one, at least when I was there in the spring of 2016 stands out. Why? At the resort’s open air One Forty restaurant, it’s a trifecta of interesting, healthy and unique menu items, an amazing setting and it’s never overcrowded. Even when the hotel is at full capacity you won’t be waiting in line, fighting for that last piece of papaya.

Vibe: Laid back Lanai – unless you have an early morning spa appointment or activity – this island in particular has a laid back vibe that starts at breakfast.

MenuWhile guests can order traditional omelettes and egg dishes and pastries, the stand out dishes include items like an array of dim sum, Chinese congee, miso soup (with all the fixings), black miso cod, ahi and salmon sashimi, slices of tamago (sweet omelet) and sushi.

Not to miss: The dim sum, just-blended juices and the fresh baked bran muffins from the local bakery.

Located at 1 Manele Bay Road, Four Seasons Lanai
Reservations: 808-565-2000
Open Daily: 6:00 am – 10:30 am