Anini Beach on Kauai


The tranquil Anini beach on Kauai’s north shore is protected by a two mile reef, the longest fringing reef in the state of Hawaii. While Anini is known as a very safe beach, there is no lifeguard on duty and sadly visitors have gotten into trouble. The lake like water is easy to cruise in and maneuver your way around inside the reef, once you get outside of the reef, the currents can get strong so always swim with caution. If you are not a strong swimmer, consider bringing a boogie board or some type of flotation device to allow you to rest. It is an ideal beach to walk/swog (swim jog) spot with the long shallow sandy beach stretch. Anini is also a great spot to picnic and watch the sunset. Water sports: Perfect conditions for paddle boarding and kayaking. There are boat tours that come in and out along with jet skies and sail boats. When the wind picks up, it is a popular wind and kite surfing area. A few companies offer windsurfing lessons as well. Anini beach is a great snorkeling spot and turtles are often seen passing through and all different fish species. It is an especially good for beginners, due to the waveless secluded 2 mile long reef.

Parking: Parking here is easy. The parking lot is very close to the beach, and rarely crowded.

Shade: Shade can be found under trees and in the picnic area.

Food: No restaurants on this beach, but the occasional food truck. That is why this is a very ideal spot for picnicking.

Dangers: If you stay inside the protected reef, the water is basically motionless. However once you travel beyond the currents are known to be on the stronger side. There is no lifeguard on duty, so be sure to swim with a buddy.

Know before you go: While the visitor bureau here does not recommend this beach for visitors because there is no lifeguard, if you do go, here are some tips on protecting the reef. Also please watch this video on water safety on the island - notice they don't mention Anini. Mostly, they stress to be aware of seasonal surf (ask locals).  It's difficult to see the rip currents, but they are there and if you get caught in one, RELAX don't try to fight it. Use the buddy system when you are swimming and NEVER turn your back to the waves.

Natalie Towle