Wishing Well Shave Ice: Kauai


As kids growing up on the north shore of Kauai we all knew about Wishing Well Shave Ice. Originally located in the heart of Hanalei next to a wishing well, Aunty Diana began slinging powdery shaved ice topped with colorful flavored syrups back in 1983. Besides moving the business into a food truck and parking it down the street not much changed at Wishing Well for the next 25 years. It remained a local favorite and popular spot for every kid after a day at the beach. Pro surfer Jesse Merle Jones and childhood friend Aamian Goodwin were two of those kids. In May 2015 when they heard Aunty Diana was selling, they jumped at the opportunity. Both had been looking to open a business focusing on the Hawaiian experience and giving back to the community. Bringing their passion for a healthy lifestyle to the forefront, Jesse and Aamian have updated Wishing Well to focus on organic shave ice, fresh Acai bowls and cold brew coffee. Vibe: Picnic tables painted with the words “slow yourself down” surround the iconic truck. “It originates from a surfers saying, if you’re in a hurry or anxious on a wave, the ocean is quick to humble you”, says Jesse. “We wanted to bring that mindset into our business and encourage people to be in the moment. When we were kids growing up we were always getting kicked out of places for loitering. We wanted to create a space that nurtured community and where people could just hang out and enjoy”.

Menu: Seasonal organic syrups cooked up by their pasty chef vary daily. Flavors range from the popular passion fruit, orange, guava (POG) to unique flavors like ginger yuzu. Choose from a variety of toppings such as fresh fruit, coconut cream or mac nut ice cream. Their Fresh Acai bowls topped with granola, banana, coconut and star fruit (when in season) are a great way to start your morning.

Not to miss: Their organic lilikoi (passion fruit) shave ice topped with coconut cream, $8 Original $5 Keiki

5-5070 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei, HI 9771 808-342-5005

Leela Lindner