Kauai Juice Co. Drink the Rainbow!


Forget skittles. You want to taste the real rainbow? A rainbow that gives you daily nourishment instead of a sugar crash? Then book a ticket to Kauai and visit Kauai Juice Co. where Kristal Muhich is doing something amazing with tropical fresh produce.  Back in 2010 Kristal saw a niche market that she could fill. Aware of the abundance of fresh local produce on the island of Kauai, Kristal decided to start her own kombucha company that centered around healthy and sustainable living. Eventually she expanded to cold pressed juices so that she could rely solely on fresh produce and Kauai Juice Co. was born. Sourcing ingredients from over 30 farms on Kauai and combining them in the most creative ways, Kristal has grown her company to include two Kauai Juice Co. locations on the island and sells her kombucha in many of the island markets. Her juices are the most vibrant and colorful creations with one to match each color of the rainbow and are full of rich nutrients. Vibe: The north shore shop, located in the Kilauea stone building is a bright airy space that offers a list of daily specials. Options include juices, elixers, kombucha and nut milks. The friendly staff is both energetic and helpful and can assist in the difficult task of narrowing down your juice pick.

Menu: The flavors are anything but ordinary and range from the popular Sexy Baby Maker (brazil & almond nut milk with cacao powder, cacao oil and maca), to the Orange Crush (pineapple, carrot, turmeric). Feeling blue? Try the Avatar, (blue majik algea with chia seeds) named for its bright turquoise color it’s also high in B vitamins which reduces stress, anxiety, mood swings and depression.

Not to miss: Locals love the Best Breakfast, (nut milk with cacao, agave and coffee) to satisfy their morning pick me up. You can even add an extra shot of cold brewed coffee if needed or try the double shot, (2.5 ounces of coffee mixed with 2.5 ounces of nut  milk), gets the job done in a 5oz bottle. During the holidays try their Pumpkin Spice special that tastes like liquid pumpkin pie.


Where: 4270 Kilauea Rd, Kilauea, inside the stone building across the street from The Bakery on your way to the Lighthouse. Or 4-1384 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa, behind Mermaids and Java Kai on the oceanside of the hwy.

By Leela Lindner