Inner Clarity Treatment at Four Seasons Maui


I was born rolling my eyes. It comes from a general skepticism of most things; a skill finely tuned from living my life as a writer and observer. So when I realized that my upcoming spa treatment at Four Seasons Maui was actually a no-contact, mental-debris-cleaning exercise, I was…disappointed. Inner Clarity Method?…What? My therapist for the treatment, Debra Greene met me at the front desk of the award- winning spa with world-class facilities. The subtle music was soothing, the soft scent of tube rose and sandal wood beckoned me. Despite this, I accepted the realization that I was staying in my bathing suit and t-shirt…no plush terry robe for me that day. Instead, we walked into a small grey conference room, empty except for a card table with a notebook and a long clear crystal that looked like an icicle.

I don’t think I did a good job of hiding my lack of enthusiasm as I stood clutching my hat, phone, glasses and room key. Obviously sensing my doubt, Debra offered, “I’m good at what I do and I’ve been doing this for decades.” The fact that the practice is offered at the Four Seasons Maui spa is reason enough to have a bit of faith. Spa director, Pat Makozak, describes the $315 dollar treatment as “20 years of therapy in two hours.”

And if you break down either the hourly rate or the concentrated equivalent of therapy, it’s a good value. But what exactly is the Inner Clarity method?

It’s hard to explain,” said Debra, “but the good news is you don’t have to understand it in order for it to work. Most of us don’t know how our cell phone works but we still benefit from it."

Debra began the treatment with a light touch form of muscle monitoring, called energy kinesiology, that acts as a feedback mechanism to check for imbalance and stress. Using her hands as energy sensors, she was gauging aspects of the energy fields on the front and back of my body. Polarity? Check. Biofield? Strong. Hydration? Looks good. Energy balance? Yep. Vitality? Hmmm, not so good.

Next came, what felt to me, an awkward statement of affirmation. I repeated: "I am Mimi here and now." The purpose of the statement is to check for presence in the moment.

Here came the raised eyebrow.

I passed name recognition, but failed presence, which Debra revealed by tapping my arm and measuring my muscle reaction.

As she explained, part of my consciousness was still focused on work and therefore I was not fully present in the moment. We corrected this by having me follow a pen in large circle with my eyes, and then we moved on.

For the past twenty years Debra has studied and taught a wide range of health and well-being disciplines and concepts including energy mastery, transformational kinesiology, consciousness studies, holistic healing, transpersonal psychology, touch for health, the seven rays of energy, somatic studies, personal self-integration and inner leadership. She started this journey by getting a Ph.D. in Communication and Somatics from Ohio State and then teaching Holistic Studies at John F.Kennedy University in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was also a regular instructor at Esalen Institute in Northern California.

As I mentioned earlier, Debra measured my energy field by tapping my arm. She measures strength by monitoring my ability to keep my arm straight while resisting her light taps. Here is where the 20 years of therapy comes in. She will ask you basic life questions and your answers are tested by your ability to hold your arm straight.

By the way, the answers to these “questions” don’t necessarily paint the picture you want to present of yourself–the arm does not lie. Either way, Debra is not easily fooled by words. She is intuitive and kind. She helps you through major life occurrences, good and bad, in a quick and gentle manner.

“These are beliefs,” she explained, “they are not true, they are just what you believe and have trained every cell of your body to agree.”

Continuing on, Debra takes a “limiting” belief that was uncovered and has you switch it. For example, instead of believing that “I am alone in the world,” she had me say, “I am supported.” For me, this is where the value of the work became obvious. When I verbalized my old, “limiting” beliefs, there was no longer any energy behind them. Instead, I felt connected with my new “empowering” beliefs of being supported.

The final stage of the treatment is perhaps the hardest to swallow. Following the evaluation, she then touches various parts of your head and shoulders again to test for the effectiveness of the treatment thus far and any other signals of stress. All checked out, except for my endocrine system (yep, hormones). This information gives her a profile of you that helps her choose an appropriate treatment path, or she calls them doors. Mine was door number seven. Think about it like the Myer’s Briggs personality test. When I took this test, I was an ENFJ, and was given guidelines to better understand myself and how I work with others. The same methodology works for this, except there is not much homework involved, just some unorthodox remedies. To get to these remedies, Debra takes out a well-worn, three ring binder with diagrams and dense text corresponding to the various “doors.”

This is when I asked if the practice was somehow related to the occult. Debra smiled, “No.”

My designation as a “seven” meant that my symbol is a spiral. On the same page, there was also a circle, triangle and square overlay, I was told to stand up and imagine a small indigo circle on the floor below my feet. Then place my thumb and two fingers on my forehead. Finally I was asked to visualize an orange line spiraling around my body seven times stopping at my waist as I chanted an affirmation. This was to be done three times with three different affirmations.

I did it. I want my new website to be financially successful, I want the clarity of my goals to get every possible chance of success.

When it was over, I did feel more alert, but then again we had been talking about me, the very core of me, for nearly two hours –so in that sense I felt heard and acknowledged. When the treatment was over, I didn’t have any overwhelming sense of change. To be honest, I wanted to get back to my cabana at the adults-only serenity pool. Later that night, I felt a bit sacrilegious when I told my friend about the process. “I hope it worked,” was all I could offer.

Throughout the night however, I caught myself reaffirming the positive affirmations and actively visualizing my goals. The next morning, before having any coffee, I woke up with a heightened sense of purpose and direction that was new to me. I wrote a blog post in an hour, which would normally take me hours of distracted internet searches, then tackled my next task. By 9am, I was swimming in the ocean feeling really good about finishing my work so quickly. This paradigm shift continued for the rest of the day. Of course, I see the probability that neglect could easily dissolve my new resolve. But with no eye rolling, I’m going to try to make this stick.