Huggos... why it's become a landmark in Kona.


As a kid growing up on the Big Island, when a visitor was going to leave, their last meal with us was a big deal. We called it "Last Night Ashore." Huggos right on the water, perfectly positioned to catch the sunset -was our restaurant of choice. This was the 70s, and founders Hugo and Shirley von Platen Luder had just opened this elegant (for Kona) restaurant, which quickly became famous for their Terriyaki Steak and local (as in caught that day) fish from local fisherman. Vibe: Friendly, fast service ('cause there's other people who want your table), tropical breezes lifting moods of even the grumpiest traveler.

Menu: Fresh seafood, steak and salad bar. Famous for their mudpie.

Not to Miss. Huggos on the Rocks, right next door is a live music venue.

Call for reservations 808-329-1493