Bonefishing on Oahu


Leave it to a local, to tell me something new about the place where I grew up. When a friend from Oahu recently metioned how much fun she had bonefishing on Kaneohe Bay I had to investigate. If you haven’t already been, Kaneohe Bay is the largest sheltered body of water in the main Hawaiian Island chain at 8-miles long by nearly three miles across and apparently (news to me) a kick-ass place to fly fish. I searched online and found a few random websites that haven’t been updated since 2010, but when I clicked on and accepted the invitation to "call the number" listed on top of the website, Captain Mike Hennessey picked up right away.  Mike's enthusiasm for tracking and catching these 'monsters'  is contagious. According to Mike, these bonefish are 100% bigger than any others on the planet (eh, take that Belize) and he says, “this makes them a much more technical fish to catch.” The cost to charter a boat for the day with Mike or one of his guides is $600 for up to two anglers this includes all the gear, lunch and snacks.