Trilogy Sail Tours on Lana'i


While Trilogy's home base is out of Lahaina Harbor on Maui, our group of five caught the catamaran at the Manele Harbor on the southwestern coast. We got onboard around 9am and went straight to Shark Fin Cove in Kaunolu Bay, a famously beautiful fishing spot for Hawaiian Kings. The depth ranges from 10 to 50 feet and the water is crystal clear. We snorkeled in two different spots, had lunch and were back at the harbor just after noon. The boat originates in Lahaina on Maui and for the people who get on the boat there, it is a full day adventure. I usually shy away from group tours on boats, but this catamaran was a great size, big enough to be comfortable but not so big you feel like you're on a mini cruise ship, check out the video I made. The Vibe: Super friendly crew. I'm sure they can have some bad days - and might get tired for the same questions "why is the water so blue?" day in and day out, but the three guys on our boat were engaging, helpful and concerned with everyone's safety.

Cost: Trilogy tours range from $99 per person to $178 for the full day from Maui to Lana'i excursion.

Highlights: The food was surprisingly good–so good they share their recipes online, but my highlight was floating through schools of fish and watching them go about their business as if I wasn't there. Most places I've gone snorkeling don't offer this experience. I've seen the fish, but they were in the distance. Here at Shark Fin Cove, there seems to be no shortage of beautiful fish.