Beaches in Hana


While there are many gorgeous beach options in Hana, especially viewed from the road driving into town, I'm only going to mention the ones that I know to be safe to visit. If you're heading out with a local you'll be fine, but as a tourist, I'm always cautious with unfamiliar beaches. 1. Black Sand Beach There is tragic legend involving a beautiful maiden associated with the caves just off shore, in brief , take it as a warning to stay out of these waters unless you are an excellent swimmer. What surprises me is  how full the parking lot is every time I've visited. It doesn't seem like there are that many people visiting Hana, to fill up a parking lot.  That said, there is plenty of room for everyone once people disperse along the trails or down to the beach.  Plan to spend at least an hour here, there are hikes and plenty of beautiful vista points. 

2. Hana Beach Park This beautiful black sand beach has a very swimmable beach, though you'll need to watch for rocky a bottom in certain parts. There's always lots of activity here in harbor, from paddlers, to paddle board and fisherman. And for those looking for a bit of adrenaline, opt for a jump from the pier. My daughters got a few tips from the locals and it was one the highlights of their trip.

3. Koki Beach To be on the safe side, this is perhaps more of a 'stroll' opportunity as the waters can get rough, especially in the winter. During the summer there is wide swath of white sand and the waves are generally a bit more gentle.  Photo ops include the Leho’ula sea arch off the south point and the coconut tree topped ‘Alau Island just offshore, which had been a sacred place of study for ancient Hawaiians. 

4. Hamoa Beach This relatively safe and serene white sand beach has earned countless accolades throughout the years. I agree it's nice and good for surfing, body surfing etc. but, I'm not sure I would say it's one of the best on the island. It is the most 'vacation-typical' type of beach on this side of the island, however. There is a snack shop and a direct shuttle here from Travaasa Hana Hotel and for hotel guests, chairs towels etc. I do like the ample shade options and the ocean is doable for all levels of swimming.  If the seas are gentle and you are looking for your own private beach, venture around the south point, but don't stay too long, it can be a tough swim back once the tide comes in. A note of caution if you are driving here on your own, be prepared to walk for a bit, as there are not many easy parking spots.