5 Easy Pool Exercises from Fitness Expert Monique Jutila


Monique Jutila, is the spa and fitness program manager of Travaasa Hana in Maui as well as an ACE and AFAA certified trainer and competitive athlete. In other words, she knows her stuff especially when it comes to training in a pool. While you might not be able to take one of her classes offered at the gorgeous infinity pool of the resort, these five exercises will work anywhere – even your hot tub. The following is meant to be done as a circuit, try to run through as many as possible.

  1. Cardio: Jogging in place in a pool is great cardio because of the water resistance. Do this for five straight minutes, then move onto the rest of the exercises. Tip: Be sure to put your entire foot on the bottom of the pool (heel then toe) to avoid sore calves the next day.
  2. Core:  Side leg lifts are great for your core as you will need to concentrate on staying balanced. Do this for five minutes. Tip: Use your arms as extra resistance by lifting the opposite arm for each lift. 
  3. Abs:  Take a seat on the stairs or ledge, either is great as long as most of your body is underwater. Secure yourself with your arms along the side and alternate from scissor kicks to frogs, 25 each, for five minutes. Tip: Keep your abdominals engaged and try to keep your hips close to the surface of the water.
  4. Thighs: Find a step that is high enough for your to step onto and out of the water, Alternate sides for two minutes. Tip: When stepping up and down, keep most of your weight on the foot that’s on the step.  As always, core is strong to support you and keep you balanced.
  5. Upper body: Get to the edge of the pool (preferably one with views of migrating whales in Hana) and stand about six inches away from it, use the side of the pool to push yourself away from the wall, repeat for two minutes. Tip:  You should aim for your chest to come close to the wall in line with your thumbs and keep your elbow and wrists in line with each other.

– By Mimi For HawaiiLocalGetaways