Zip Lining on Haleakala, Maui


My daughters love zip lining. They can be Jane for the day - push their limits and then talk about it for months afterward.  As in..."Remember when I crashed the landing..."  The last time we were in Wailea, I took my 13-year old to Skyline Eco-Adventures on the flanks of Haleakala, which is about a 30-40 minute drive from the hotels.  We opted for the first run of the day and I'm glad we did, as it was a gorgeous drive up to the Skyline Eco-Adventures HQ. While the offerings vary, we chose the short hike and five lines — including one of the fastest in the U.S.  Our tour leaders were entertaining, genuinely nice (felt like we're all friends by the end of the tour), and pointed out the native flora and fauna and its importance in the eco-system. Bonus for mom!