Kathy Winkler's Favorite Places to Swim in Kona


Looking for a place to swim in Kona? I asked my friend Kathy Winkler who is an uber athlete and part-time Kona resident. Not only does she compete in the Ironman, she’s been on the podium multiple times.  She’s also my favorite SUP buddy, so I thought it would be helpful to ask her a few questions about her training for those who are also insane (I mean impressive) enough to compete in this event. Kathy's Top Two Swims

1. With this being a sharkey year, I think the best and safest place is right from the pier. There is never a huge current or waves that are super dangerous and I feel like it is freeway of swimmers. You are always safe no matter what time you go, but again, this is an early to bed early to rise kind of town, and the flatest water is in the early morning. There is also a great chance of seeing dolphins out around the King and Coast Guard buoys.

2. Manini Beach out to Captain Cook Monument. This is another relatively calm cove and a good place to see dolphins and fish. Swim around the perimeter to see more fish, as the middle of the cove is quite deep and the visual is just a big deep pool of blue. It is a bit over a mile to go straight across to the monument; but remember, you have to get home too!