Tips for Staying Hydrated from Kathy Winkler


Staying hydrated is key to staying in the race. Kathy Winkler, uber athlete and Ironman competitor, offers her tips for athletes and recreational runners.

Kathy's tips to keeping hydrated

Drink drink drink.

 Not the umbrella drinks, the ones with electrolytes!  If you are thirsty, it's too late.  Drink to stay ahead of yourself and replace your salt.  You don't want to flood your system with just water either.  And, I do think it is important to test the fluids before you go.  Practice with what you will be drinking when there.  If they are handing out a certain drink, and you are going to use it, try it before you go.  This is a bad day to discover you have GI issues with whatever they are serving.  

If you are going just for fun or training, again, remember to drink a lot of water and electrolytes. It is easy to enjoy the water and not realize you may be sweating out some fluids and then replenish your system with a soothing Mai Tai.  And if you are looking for an electrolyte hydrator, here some of her favorites.

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