Romy's Kahuku Prawns and Shrimp Truck


My friends Leah and Scott Bronson's favorite shrimp truck on Oahu is Romy's Kahuku Prawns and Shrimp. Romy’s claims to be the original shrimp shack and has its own shrimp fields, which can be seen behind the building. The shaded seating area includes 25-30 red park benches, which can become scarce during the rush. Considering the long wait (up to 45 minutes) for their orders, the crowds definitely keep coming back. "Order the garlic and butter for sure…so good," says Leah, "shrimp smothered with roasted garlic. The sweet and sour isn't as good, we don't like the flavoring, it seems cheap.  Oh by the way, the shrimps come with heads intact, so if that excites you – this is the place!"

Vibe: Outdoor seating on picnic tables, easy ordering, but be prepared to wait if you don't get there early.

Menu: Various shrimp and prawn preparations, approximately $12 per plate (whatever you order).

Highlight: If you like pineapple, order the Li Hing Mui Pineapple – DELISH! Very cool and refreshing on a hot Hawaiian day.