Japengo Waikiki


In search of some really good sushi – in the mecca of ‘really good sushi’ Waikiki/Honolulu, my girls and I went to Japengo at the Hyatt Regency. Yelp! readers gave it 4 stars (out of 49 reviews at the time) and I’d agree with their run down except for the suggestions about not bringing kids. If you have really picky eaters -as in they only eat beige food or some form of mac ‘n’ cheese –or more importantly if they can’t sit through the meal without squealing, then this spot not for your kids. However if your child likes sushi as do my two girls (11 and 13) then treat them to the good stuff. The only problem with the evening is there were just three of us and despite our intentions we couldn’t eat more than five sushi rolls, a large order of Japengo fried rice and coconut creme brulee.

Vibe: The setting was clean and modern. The other diners were mostly couples visiting from various corners of the planet, with a few large groups celebrating special occasions. Most people were dressed up – but I did see at one guy wearing a “He’s Gay.” t-shirt and board shorts ;(.

Menu: While we barely ventured off of the sushi offerings – I did see some diners enjoying the Scallop Butter Yaki, $16, a popular item for Yelpers … and it did look good.  Sushi and creative island-style fish dishes.

Not to miss: I’m not necessarily a dessert person – (I’ll save my sugar intake for a nice glass of wine) but per the waiter’s suggestion we ordered the coconut creme brulee, which according to my 11-year-old, who has had an amazing amount of creme brulee for her few years on the planet it is  “THE BEST EVER.” The addition of the crunchy toasted coconut and the side of crunchy toffee with chocolate is brilliant. There was nothing left to the coconut shell it was served in once we were done.

Call for reservations 808-237-6180